Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

It's tonight!

We go on for our set in an hour and a half! Half excited, half terrified. I have terrible stage fright, but most of the people who will be there are friends and/or family, so there's that. Most of them have heard us sing before, too. And it's not exactly a stage. I hope there's a microphone. My volume vanishes when I'm nervous!

I have no idea what to wear... skinny jeans, grey knee high boots, and... ? Maybe a pretty flannel. We are doing folk covers of pop songs with an Acoustic guitar, might as well look the part, hey? Makeup, definitely, though.


GT's very own CajunGinger will Be there, too! She's watching the Smacklings right now, so I can get ready in peace. She and CajunMan Will be bringing them home when they come in for the set.

An hour and 20 minutes... Hold my hands, GT... they're starting to shake!

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