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I am running on 3 hours of sleep, so right off the bat anything with more than 2 steps is hard right now. But today was the last day of the month, which is the last day of invoicing so I had to be on top of business all day and when I got home even. And one of my oldest friends is in town for the first time in ages, and we had arranged for a girl’s get together to see Magic Mike XXL tomorrow, but I can’t find a baby sitter- all the people who are authorized to pick her up are unavailable to do so, and I’m too stupid tired to figure out a complicated scheme to make it work and my husband is all feeling bad that I don’t get to do a social thing but he just keeps coming up with compicated plans that are too hard to execute and I just want someone to figure out for me what to do and arrange for it because doing anything i want to do involves so much planning and forethought that no wonder i never go out or do anything fun because it’s too hard to plan. BUT I WANNA GO BUT I CAN’T FIGURE OUT HOW TO DO AND I AM SO TIRED AND I NEVER HAVE ANY FUN AND I AM BORING AND I WILL NEVER GET TO DO FUN CREATIVE STUFF AGAIN AND I WILL NEVER DO FUN CREATIVE STUFF FOR A LIVING AND HAVE TO BE IN THE CUBICLE FARM THE REST OF MY MISERABLE LIFE.

I may need to go to bed. Someone tuck me in.


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