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So my husband is very close to getting an offer on a new position in a new company. It’s moving to inpatient (he’s a mental healthcare professional) which he really is interested in, BUT the schedule is still undetermined. Originally it was supposed to be 7 days on, 7 days off, but they may be changing that, so he won’t get an official offer till they figure out what the schedule will be. It’s work he’s interested in AND a pay bump, so EXCITING! The schedule will be an adjustment, but we will figure it out.

THEN my boss told me she is moving to a different department, so that will be the THIRD boss I will have since I’ve been in this dept. I had some really BAD experiences with bosses in my previous dept. so I am apprehensive about the chances to get a third good boss here in this role. But I don’t begrudge her the opportunity to grow, etc. So reserving judgement there.

TODAY my data analyst (basically, we work as a team on our client) told me she is being recruited to join the data science team. Which is GREAT for her- it’s a perfect fit for her. BUT DAMMIT WHY NOW?? It sounds like it is definitely going to happen, because they are pursuing her. And that is TOO MUCH CHANGE FOR ME. PLS STOP EVERYONE I HAVE HAD ENOUGH. NO ONE ELSE IS ALLOWED TO CHANGE JOBS UNTIL I SAY SO.


*ahem* Thank you for coming to my freakout.


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