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It's Wedding Season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was MOH at my BFF’s wedding this past weekend and it was lovely. It was also drama-free (yeah!!!!!!).

But since there ain’t no drama like wedding drama, I’ve been enjoying the stories that have been trickling in.

Dear Prudence has a doozy this week (third question in the column). So: fuck those two and their attention-hogging antics, right? The LW and her husband should “make up” with the couple just so they can announce a pregnancy at that couple’s reception and demand a dance, before ghosting forever, right?!


You know who else proposed at another person’s wedding? One of the Duggars. Ten bucks says they were filming.

Yeahhhhh.... throwing a “wedding” for you to “marry yourself” is uh... *cringe*. Maybe we should just allow everyone a one time, regardless of life stage or choices, gift registry? Look, I’ll buy you an All Clad 11" skillet and towels and some racy lingerie, whatever. Just don’t force me to attend some performance art where you work out your parental and societal pressure on the rest of us. See, Adriana Lima is just like, “I love me!” and no one had to block off a whole afternoon or evening over it.

This guy (first Q in column) manages to be both right and wrong at the same time. Good on you for not going through with it... but now put on your Adult Pants and deal with the fallout. Kudos to Hax for driving home the point that he needs to pay off the deposits since he pulled the plug.

How’s everyone else’s wedding season going?

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