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It's Wedding Week.....

So the week of the wedding is upon us. Most details have been sorted, except for a few very important ones.

I wish I had a copywriter on retainer because we’ve written our own ceremony (after pulling from things online) and there’s still a ‘problem’ with a few sentences. I feel like there should be more, but I can’t get it without feeling repetitive. So if someone is bored and is in a mood to talk about love and marriage, hit me up.

We’re still kinda low on people count, but we’ve at least made the guarantee. I’ve told everyone it will be a small wedding, so they need to come prepared to mingle and have a great time.


We’ve only had one major issue with centerpieces, but it’s been fixed, thanks to my lovely maid of honor/decorator/lifesaver. I will indeed get my live hydrangeas with paper airplane centerpieces. And I hope they come out as awesome as I want them to be. The cake lady is excited to do our cake because it’s going to be so different from what she normally does (plain, boring).

I’ve almost finished designing the seating cards, which will be the last major piece that I’m responsible for, other than the ceremony script. Oh yeah, and the DJ songs. Shit shit shit. So what are some songs that a must-play at a reception? I haven’t been to a wedding in a few years.

I’ll be off work early on Friday since I’ll be done with my test very early in the day. His family will be getting into town and will get to meet mine for the first time at the rehearsal and the dinner afterward. That’s going to be interesting!

Sorry for the rambling.... but it’s happening!

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