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A spur-thighed tortoise (also known as a Greek tortoise) named Blade scooted about using his custom-built Lego wheelchair in the German city of Bielefeld on Friday, after a vet found the reptile had developed a disorder that made him unable to manoeuvre alone. The bionic Lego skates were built so Blade, who weighs 127 grammes (4 ounces), can roll about wherever he wishes.

Inspired by his son's Legos, veterinarian Dr. Carsten Plischke built the skates for Blade and glued it firmly to the bottom of the turtle's shell finding that Blade could not only move about in a way that wasn't possible before, but that the terrapin can also slowly rebuild leg muscle as a result of the physical modification.

Plischke said that Blade developed an illness relating to bone metabolism, which resulted in his legs becoming too weak to move him about when weighed down with his heavy shell. The Lego mobility modification comprises six total pieces, including four small tyres with treads.


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