I'm highly considering getting one so I want to talk about it with you all. Cuz you're my favorites <3

The older I get, the worse I get about taking the pill every day so an IUD seems like a decent idea. Just stick it in and BAM no babies for 5 years. I'd go with Mirena.

So, questions. How was the insertion? Were you in pain after/for how long? Was it, like the worst pain imaginable? What's the period situation with an IUD? Do you get periods? Are they bad?

Do you feel it in you? You're not supposed to, right? Do penis-havers feel it during the sex? Does anyone with PCOS have an IUD, cuz I have PCOS and I don't know if this is problematic or not.

Just tell me all the things! I'm seeing my gynecologist Tuesday so I want to know what I'm talking about, and if there are any questions I should ask her. Thanks guise :)