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So, I have had an IUD (paraguard) in me for almost a year come this August. I got it in 6 weeks postpartum of the birth of my daughter.

I have had atrocious periods. I chalked it up to hormones but I don't think at this point that is what it is. I have like bloating and off and on bleeding for 1.5 weeks. And the bleeding is horrible. I bleed through to my underwear while I was out today.

Pre-IUD, I had 3 day periods with like 1-2 days of discharge. I had a normal 28 day cycle. I don't know if I can do it anymore. My husband and I are moving in December so we really don't want to get pregnant again till next spring but hot damn, I am ready to not be debilitated by my periods.


I went to an OB/GYN for this and they just suggested I take birth control pill on top of the IUD. I am very sensitive to hormonal bc.

Thoughts? Commiseration?

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