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IUD question

We’ve had loads of IUD questions and we’ve often discussed how it’s the best thing since sliced bread. However I have a question for you: have any of you had bad experiences with the Mirena IUD, specifically Depression and/or lowered Libido?

I’ve been wondering about getting my IUD out to see if that’ll help my mood and I’m just trying to gauge if this could actually help or if I’m looking for a clue where there is none.


Full disclosure: I’ve had my IUD for 2,5 years and the first year I was a happy energetic bunny. Joyfully doing things, working, falling in love and getting busy (not necessarily in that order).
1,5 years ago I got sick, about 9 months ago got the ‘Severe Burn Out with Depressive tendencies’ shtick, started getting a big better around sept/okt (I was on very low-grade antidepressants at the time for a wholly different reason) and crashed again a few weeks ago, plummeting in a depressive and exhausted spiral that’s hard to get out of.

So I’m wondering if the IUD might be a contributing factor, or if this is not a thing at all. Thanks!

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