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(TMI sex/period stuff)

When I got my surprise second IUD put in, the doctor said that I would have some symptoms from the insertion itself but that it wouldn’t be as bad because my body isn’t adjusting to new hormones this time around. Great! So my period will be normal, then!

Clearly no one told my uterus, which is still, on Day 9 of my period, spitting out weird-ass bloody vagina boogers instead of even pretending like it knows it should have stopped several days ago.


Which is just great, considering that because of our work schedules, the Boy can only come over on Friday and/or Saturday nights. No, really, please let me have a second weekend where any non-vibrator-induced sexual pleasure is a no-go for me, that’d be really great. Especially since surprise blood (not my period! just blood, for funsies I guess!) ruined sex two weekends ago too.

It’s really frustrating because part of the rationale behind getting an IUD (along with the whole, you know, birth control thing) was that my period would hopefully get shorter/go away and we would have this problem less often, but fuck that I guess.

[Here is a kitten who is super not amused, much like me.]

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