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IUD Roulette

Cute animal spacer gif before gross period talk!

So I’ve been trying to get an IUD for what feels like forever now (2 months) but because my period is a magical 2 days long, it’s hard to get into the doc right in that window. When my last period came they didn’t have any space the whole week so they suggested trying the next month. So I have an appointment for tonight! No big deal you’d say. But my period hasn’t started yet! I’ve had some light spotting for 3 days now but the damn. Thing. Won’t. Start. And since I have had sex in the last month I do need to wait until full period until we can place it.. My period app says that it’ll start tomorrow.. Tomorrow?? I need it today!


Please start period.. You have like 1 more hour until I’m going to have to cancel my appointment and I don’t want to wait another month :(

Update: The body has listened and the period is on! I’m going to get it placed in.. AN HOUR. I’m going to leave work in a bit, buy myself some extra tampons or whatnot and candy and wine and go to the docs. I’M SO SKURRED YOU GUYS.

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