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IUDs and such

I'm probably getting an IUD this week and I'm slightly nervous about the whole thing. I am an anxious person in general and I've always had pretty severe anxiety in doctor settings. The dentist, my annual pap, any time my blood was drawn, everything elevated my heart rate and blood pressure. I have a hypothesis that this is because I do not like not being in control and knowing exactly what will happen next. I have been obsessing about this procedure. I know a lot of you have experience with IUDs so please tell me what I should expect. I will be getting Mirena if that makes a difference and I've had a child (I know that makes a difference). My best friend went on it last year and loves it. But as she was childless and was improperly prepared for the insertion so I can't really compare the experience. I don't plan on having any support with me and will be responsible for an 8 week old infant. Is this a bad idea? Do I need a support person for the afternoon?


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