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Ivanka Trump Reportedly Being Investigated By Mueller

Well, well, well who else met with the “Adoption” Russian Lawyer at Trump Tower the Dotard’s favorite child Ivanka. Guess who has his sights set for Dotard’s favorite child? Mueller?

Do not go all King Lear on me. King Lear never talked about wanting to date his daughter, god that’s so incestious. What kind of a father says that? Well a man who thinks grabbing a woman’s privates and walking in on Teen Pageant contestants.

Ivanka and hubby Jared also spent 4 days with a Russian Oligarch in Russia in 2014. That visit should come home to roost.


I am surprised this is not bigger news. Ivanka is as close as you can get to Trump.

I have to say I have always been convinced the Trump family minus Donnie Trump rue the day he decided to run. Going after Ivanka I have to wonder if Donnie has to be regreting it.

I am starting to think resigning is becoming more of a reality. If this becomes major news I see the Dotard completely spinning out of control.


Everyone that comes in contact with the Dotard is destroyed why should he children be immune. Contractors businesses were destroyed by Dotard refusing to pay them. Those who signed up at his University many had life savngs destroyed. New Jersey how much of their economy destroyed over his failed casinos. Etc.

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