So I know this is a major whine but you know what?

I work hard and I deserve this whine. So I've been playing the mobile game Boom Beach, by Supercell the makers of Clash of Clans. I've been enjoying it a lot, so much I've taken Clash of Clans off my phone since it's not as much fun. It's an island hoping game using guns and ships to attack enemy islands. I've made steady progress, saved my diamonds for when I feel it's time to use them. But since you don't have 4 days building times in this game (at least not yet) I've been able to keep a steady supply. So I've been able to progress pretty quick and upgrade my defenses and troops and get a nice little empire of islands. But I feel like I've hit a plateau

Right now my HQ is at Level 6. At this point in the game stone becomes required to upgrade structures and your troop carriers and gunships. You have some you can get on your island but your best bet is to get it by conquering neighboring villages, both those controlled by AI and other players. Well you don't get a lot of it, sometimes only a few hundred. It takes 5800 stone to upgrade your HQ to 7. And what do you get once you hit level 7? A stone quarry that will generate stone like your sawmill does for woods and residences for gold.

Hey Supercell!


That's pretty evil. I've actually hit my limit on gold because I don't have anything to spend it on. The main thing I can do is use it for troops and to attack; the game makes you spend a few hundred gold to attack an island but that's not bad considering what a victory gets you. The armory uses gold to upgrade troops and attacks but I can't upgrade anything until I upgrade it which I can't do until HQ gets to 7. And that's basically the story for all my other structured. Even gold storage is maxed until I hit level 7. So for now I'm plateaued and it sucks. Guess I better get back to the island grind. Of course if I wanted to drop some cash for additional diamonds it would only take 176 to skip the stone entirely.

Anyway that's my story. Anyone else have frustrating tales of hitting the wall in their mobile game?