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I have fallen down the reddit hole and have spent the last two days there. Already been on r/badwomensanatomy this morning and happened upon this post

And saw a word I think I’ve seen before but didn’t know the meaning of. Hypergamy/Hypergamous.


Luckily a few redditor’s had helpfully defined it

From land-under-wave:

“Hypergamy” in the manosphere isn’t about class, it’s about the nonsense male hierarchy they’ve invented. “Alpha” males attract an unfair share of the women - estimates range from 70% to 90% of women clustering around alphas in our brief years of youth and beauty, because we are slutty sluts. When we hit “the wall” at 25 and become hideous crones, we’ll start looking for a hapless beta male to settle down with, and he’ll say yes because beta men, having been starved for sex because alphas were hogging all the women, can never say no to sex (pro tip: incels tend to assume they are beta or even omega males). She’ll trade sex for his money in the form of marriage, and will probably continue to pursue alphas on the side, because sluts - hence the phrase “alpha fucks, beta bucks”. Also, his kids are probably actually the alpha’s.

tl;dr “hypergamy” means “women prefer alpha males and I am a poor sad beta/omega male”

and oncemoreforluck:

Hypergamous : vagina makes you constantly try spermjack the newest big alpha while your branch swinging and make your beta orbiters raise those sex trophies you got from alphas once you hit the wall and are no longer fuckable at the ripe old age of 21.

Or in English: they think women constantly try trade up sex partners for a more manly one and to be gotten pregnant by these men is the goal of sex, cause women hate sex and only do it cause they want babys from manly men, once your no longer sexy to these manly men then you settle for a less manly man who you will make pay for everything and never have sex with him.

I’m not even kidding, this is one of the things they hold as gospel truth and certainly not the most disturbing.


I am loving some of the comments

He should have his wife put a few of her eggs in cold water to see if they float. Then they’ll know for sure if they have gone bad.

Another few years and her eggs will be a delicacy in China.

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