I mean, I'm pretty independent and get on with things on my own just fine, but I've always been pretty social. I meet people, chat to people, and make new friends regularly.

I've also spent most of my career in huge, busy, open plan corporate workplaces.

I've also worked pretty much nonstop since I was 16. Before that I was volunteering, doing non-official paid jobs (babysitting, tutoring, etc) and some extra curricular activity or another. I've never had this much time, even if baby does take a lot.

My mat leave started at the beginning of June, four weeks before my due date, me thinking for whatever reason that I'd be a couple weeks early. I was two weeks late, which means I was just...wandering around...for six weeks.

These are long days. I mean, I'm quite enjoying it; god knows I'd rather stay off work than return to the corporate treadmill. But, we need the money and it will be nice to interact with sharp, professional humans again.

What's keeping me sane is GT. My husband said the other day that while I was just at loose ends before the baby was born, for the first time in my adult life not working, it could have been very difficult for me, but you guys really helped, and you keep helping.


Thank you for being so witty, wise, sincere, and interesting, and keeping me functional.