I feel like it’s been FOREVER since I’ve been on GT, but it’s really only been 2ish weeks. I have good reasons though, I promise. I’m also moving to the lovely DC metro area in a few weeks and there are SO MANY THINGS TO DO.

1) I got married. For reals. Like, I am a wife and I have a husband kind of married. Did we look like deer in headlights standing in front of the clerk? Yes. Did we giggle? Yes. Did my mom cry? Ugh, yes. Mahhh, get it together! We skipped so many steps (moving in together, getting legit engaged, etc) that I’m OK with it not feeling ‘real’ yet. We’ve got the rest of our lives to figure it out, I’m not worried.

2) We announced it to the world that didn’t already know on New Years Eve. This is what we posted on Facebook. Very ‘us’... nonchalant and almost sarcastic.


3) We went to visit his family in TX for 4 days over New Years and that was nice. We surprised a bunch of people with being there AND being married. They threw us a mini-reception on NYE with a cake and everything. It was very, very sweet of them and they all welcomed me into the family with open arms. I mean, I am awesome and all, so I don’t know how they couldn’t like me.

4) Everything is now going to start full force. Just this week, I need to get my travel orders arranged, pick out an apartment in one of 4 buildings from the original list of 22 in a certain DC area. I believe it will have to be all sight unseen other than a general layout. Thank goodness they’re fully furnished. I also have other stuff due before I even start, but I haven’t sat down and read all of that. I’m going to be ‘working’ all week on the job I haven’t even started yet.


5) I need to find a wedding venue in the next 2 weeks if I plan on being able to do anything in March or April. Nothing like planning a wedding in 25% of the time most people take. However, I am a logistics ninja (coming from an event-based job), I have a very creative friend who will be helping with everything and another friend who is also an event specialist for a university. This is basically what we’ve been training our whole lives for.

6) Bonus furry baby pics!!


(dog apparel is 75% off at Petsmart)


(She forgave me even after being gone for 4 days and clipping her nails when I got back)

Feel free to talk about your holidays/week/whatever!