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I've Been Awake For Far Too Long. . . .

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Twenty-four hours and forty seven minutes. Some of that was because work. Overnight shoots are long and hard. Also I have a butt ton of editing to do. And a bunch of 3-D stuff that needs painstaking tweaks. And two 30 day deadlines on important projects that for no actual reason coincide.


Some of that was because things like laundry and eating are important and when you're totally out of bras, that does kind of supersede sleep in the chain, since you need the bras when you're done sleeping. And its not like they've invented bras that wash themselves. Also, I made buffalo chicken chili. It's delicious. See, now I'm just trying to wear myself out. That's why I chased my dog around the yard for forty minutes. (She loved it. That dog needs to get at least two miles under her feet before she feels accomplished enough to settle down for the day. Dogs really do resemble their owners.)

I've taken a hot bath, had hot milk, and still am too wound up to sleep. WTF?

So, guys, what are your best getting-to-sleep-while-the-sun-is-still-the-hell-up tips?

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