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Around 1 pm yesterday, I got the bright idea to cook lunch for this week.

Start with 2 cups dried kidney beans and water. Boil in slow cooker until 10 pm. This would probably have gone faster if I had planned this and soaked overnight.


Figure 1: Kidney beans, mostly boiled.

Towards the end of the evening, add a couple tablespoons of rajmah masala spice mix.

Figure 2: Like a good Indian cook, I use spice mixes I bought at the store for $2.


Next evening, take out slow cooker pot from fridge and start boiling again. Add more water cause it's all gone. Beans are falling apart, which is awesome because they are all mushy. My go-to strategy for beans and lentils is "put in slow cooker until it falls apart".


Figure 3: Beans are falling apart.

Add more spice mix because you can't taste it any more. Add ginger.


Figure 4: Add this much ginger.

Let simmer for awhile.

In round-bottomed pot, add a bit of oil, then mustard seeds (I think) and a bay leaf (it splatters). Then add tomatoes, onions, a bit of turmeric and salt and stir until they form a paste.

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