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I've been finding it really hard to motivate myself all week, but I will, I have to apply for jobs like crazy, and for courses next year.
I went into town tonight, ran a few errands, just to get out of the house.
Then I ran out of things to do, but when I got to the train station I just kept walking. Past some galleries, theatres, and then just on and on. After an hour I thought if I walk long enough I will get to the ocean, maybe I could get on a boat, and just keep going.
And then I hit the turn off for a place I used to live a decade ago, so I went that way instead.
I used to go out dancing all the time back then, and either stay until the first trains at six, or walk home. It took me an hour and a half this time.
I wonder if I should be worried. Or if I should get on a boat. Or both.


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