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I've Been Good Today (so far)

I have done the responsible thing and set up a gyno appt. for my well-woman check-up (and pre-baby attempting check-up) and got my husband set up for a physical. Yay insurance with fully-covered preventative medicine! Also my B/C is totally covered, so yay!

Aside from that, though, I've been a bump on a log. I woke up in lots of pain from tendonitis in my wrists and arthritis in my hands. Yep, it's going to rain. I finally have some anti-inflammatories in me, and can mostly move again. I can at least type faster.


We need to run a few errands some time later, but we are both off work and disinclined to do anything super-constructive, though if my hands permit I do wanna go upstairs and sew some.

Who else is being constructive/lazy today?

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