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What's going on up there, noggin?


Over the last week and a half, I've been having dreams that range from weird to violent and horrifying. I'm not sure what's triggering them or why I'm remembering so much of them. I might 'feel' one or two dreams a week and I remember almost none of them after I wake up.

Here's the ones I can remember.

  • I had this one on Friday night, I think. I dreamt that I was being hypnotized or something where my spirit/soul was separate from my body. I knew that when I heard someone count 'one, two, three' and then clap, I'd come back. So I went about my way and eventually wanted to come back but I couldn't. There were people along the way that could tell that I was separated from my body and so they'd count me out, but it didn't work. I started to get scared and frightened, and then resigned to the fact that I might never be back in my body. At some point, I found Biggie Talls and told him what happened and how I was feeling about it. He told me to close my eyes and get really relaxed. He counted me out, but when he clapped, he also pushed me backwards and I came back to my body again. But while I was out, time still had passed. And because I should have been existing in the world still, there was another Lauren out there who had continued my life just as if I had never left. I had no idea where to find this Other Lauren, but some strange person gave me a phone number. I called it and it was the voicemail retrieval number for Other Lauren's work voicemail. I listened and got enough information to find her, so I went to her. I hadn't really realized how much time had passed until someone from her office said 'wow, you look like [Other] Lauren, but from 10 years ago'. So I pegged the time I was a wandering spirit at 10 years. Then I woke up.
  • The next day or the day after that, I dreamt that me, Biggie and a group of friends were going to go to Thailand. We were all packed, all ready to go but circumstances came up and everyone had to bail. I had already bought the tickets, rented my room and took the time off, so I decided to go anyways. I get to Thailand and stop at a pizza shop before going to the hotel. I'm somewhat lost, pretty tired and altogether overwhelmed, but a guy at the pizza place helped me find my hotel and was helping me with my luggage up to my room. There were stairs we had to climb to get up to the room – the kind that go up one way for like 8 stairs and then go up the other way so the stairwell is smaller. We go up a flight and turn to continue going up, when I see Biggie Talls sitting on the stairs with his luggage all around him. He told me that he came anyway and we were happy and hugged. I think we went up into the room and explored it, but that's all I remember.
  • Then, my dreams started getting fucked up. Tuesday night, I dreamt that my older sister (L) had wronged this man who was tallish, wore a plain all black suit, a black fedora that was pulled down over his face so you couldn't see any of his details and he had a black plain suitcase. The man followed her and scared her to the point where she killed him. I can't remember the details, but he fell to his death. I'm not sure how I was privy to these happenings up until this point, but once I found out she killed him, I realized that she didn't burn his hat or suitcase and that was the only way to make sure he was gone for good because he was evil and could come back if his accessories weren't burned. So he did come back, and I jumped on top of him. He was standing and I was on top of him in such a way that my shins were flat against his chest and my knees were at his shoulders. My plan was to steady myself this way and break his neck, but when I looked down, I could kind of see his face. It was a cold, blank, white-grey. I don't even know if there was any anatomy to it, just a blank face. He had been pretty nonchalant about me being on top of him until I looked at his face. He looked up at me and his face transformed. His eyes grew large and dark and his jaw unhinged to show gleaming white extremely sharp teeth. Like the most teeth that could ever fit in a humanish mouth. Obviously I got spooked and was taken aback. But then I realized I had to pee in real life which shook me out of it.
  • I had two dreams last night. The second one kind of feels like an alternate ending to the first, even though the narratives don't really align. My family and other people I knew were going up to this cottagey area, but the cottages were more like barns. And I don't really remember my immediate family being there, just my favourite aunt. But I got the feeling like I was with a lot of people that I cared about. There might have been 15 of us travelling up, and another 15 that were already there. It's dark by the time our drive up ends, and just as we're pulling into the main driveways area, we can see spaceships starting to hover over the barn cottages. We're all getting scared and so we start looking for cover. Some dive into the cellar doors to the side of the barns but most of us just go into the barns. Despite going to the barns because we thought it would be a nice cottage vacation, they are very much old barns, with straw mounds over the floor and cracks between the wood panels of the wall. We can see through these crack that the ships knew where we had gathered and were coming towards us. No one is huddled in the barn, we're all just standing and watching. A voice speaks to us. I don't remember what it said but I was under the impression that if everyone stays calm and does what he voice says, we'll be able to stay alive for a bit longer. Some people beside me start to snark at each other, the way that siblings might. One says something, the other one replies, then the first person replies. The aliens, proving they don't fuck around, just zapped the last person who spoke out of existence. This scared me, but again, I thought that if I was complicit I would be okay for a while. I wake up because I have to pee.
  • 5)When I go back to bed, my dream picks up at my younger sister's wedding (K), or rather the day before. My parents, my sisters, my boyfriend and K's fiancé are all there, but L's boyfriend is gone for some reason. Also there was my cousin's second wife and her kids – she has a lot of kids. Like 8 of them, aged 6-12 or so. In real life the age span is larger, but my brain just lumped them all in as a bunch of children who were goofing around in my peripheral. For some reason, we all get kind of scared because we believe someone is after us. Like, someone is coming to assassinate us but we don't know who they are, why they want us or when they'll show up. We just know that once we get to the wedding ceremony, we'll be fine. So it's time for everyone to go to sleep. L has spotted two secret places her and I could each sleep, but at the last minute I decide that my sisters, my boyfriend and K's fiancé should all just sleep in one room and get guards to protect us. There's two rows of beds, and they're all really close together because we so scared. Beside me is a guard who is dressed as a Buckingham Palace guard, with the red suit and black hat situation. I have bad feelings about him, so as others are sleeping, I keep an eye on the guard beside me. Eventually we make eye contact and I can see rage in his eyes. He knows that I know he's the person that wants to kill us, and he grabs my feet/legs. I struggle to kick him but my legs won't budge out of his grip. He presses something sharp against my leg, and says something menacing about how I'm the first to go. I see the sharp thing is a large hunting-style knife. Just as I realize my imminent death, he smiles big and slits his own throat – blood gushes everywhere. There was another guard or two who then killed themselves in the same method, and the blood is overwhelming. K's fiancé tries to flee even though the threat is over, which indicates that he actually set the whole thing up. He was the mastermind, but there was something evil and demonic about it because the guards just killed themselves, they didn't kill the people fast asleep around them. I head outside, covered in blood, to get help. I get my parents and for some reason my cousin's wife, with all her kids show up. The kids don't really see the horror – they basically just play outside but their happiness is a sharp contrast to the slaughter inside. It gives me a feeling of bitter chaos. L's boyfriend shows up and is all what the hell happened here? He can't really see the scene but he can tell something fucked up happened. Eventually it gets to the point where we're all standing around with nothing left to do. My dad mentions that he's hungry and L's boyfriend agrees. My mom says something snarky about how he shouldn't be hungry at a time like this, and my dad basically shrugs. I wake up because again, I have to pee.

Sorry this turned out so long. I'm really surprised that I could remember as much detail because I was actively trying to forget the last two dreams so I could get back to sleep without being scared. My eating habits haven't really changed, though I was in a hotel for three nights earlier this week when I was in Montreal. Not sure if a change of scenery would affect my dreams so much, or last so long after I've been back in my own bed. Thank god I woke up both times to my kitty sleeping on me.

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