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I've been in NY since a god-forsaken early hour.

I'm at a hotel that literally feels like it's within the bowels of Times Square.

My flight landed at 6am and I can't check in until 3. WHEN CAN I START DRINKING WITHOUT JUDGEMENT.

So, the Lincoln Tunnel has a $13 toll. That's insanity. I always fly into JFK but flew into Newark this morning and it was interesting coming into the city from a different vantage.


I really need a haircut and I am debating if it's worth throwing down at least $125 to go to Frdric Fekkai. Someone may need to talk me into or out of this.

There are a lot of people wearing bright NEW YORK shirts in this hotel.

I miss the Halfpence :-(

That's all, I am tired and out of it. Hope you all have fun weekend plans. I have to work tomorrow :-/

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