Well. That's a lie. I've decided to buy both Corduroy and The Snowman and to decide once they get here. Or just give one as a Christmas gift (since that's around the time her little one will be born). So thank you everyone for you help! You helped me decide on two, which is a smaller number than 4, so PROGRESS.

MORE IMPORTANTLY. I clicked on the "1 Star Review" for The Snowman. Good lord is Nick's Mom dense.

For the littlest pre-readers, this book will be more than a little "shock." After an entire book of fantastic adventures and a big build-up as the little boy runs outside to find his magical friend, we are left with a melted puddle and some lumps of coal. I was disgusted that Baby Center had recommended this book for toddlers. I had wanted something that I could "read" with my 14-month son before he goes to bed — something that would charm and soothe him, not make him sad.I threw the book away because I couldn't think of anyone who would want that let-down at the end. Sure, you could have a philosophical discussion with an older child about the hypothetical future return of the snowman, but not with the little ones who are the very target audience of a book without words in the first place.

Emphasis mine. First of all, disgusted? Really? That seems like an over reaction. SECONDLY, Nick's Mom—it's very clear from the description of the book and probably the description that Baby Center had that the BOOK DOES NOT HAVE WORDS. YOU CAN MAKE UP YOUR OWN ENDING. So it doesn't even have to be sad! It's not complicated. THIRDLY! YOU THREW OUT THE BOOK?! That seems unnecessary. I imagine seeing your parent throw away a book that you previously enjoyed is more traumatizing than a snowman melting. But, I'm not a mom. So maybe I'm wrong.

It's not all pokey little puppies and little engine's that could, Nick's Mom!