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It's not Moffatt's sexism (although that doesn't help) and unwillingness to listen to fans (although again that doesn't help); it's the structure. Every Nu Who episode is exactly the same:

First 15 minutes: Mostly light banter and getting used to the surroundings (or, if it's a new doctor, getting him accustomed to being the Doctor)


Next 30-45 minutes: The Doctor faces some BIG SCARY UNIVERSE DESTROYING EVENT in a conflict that's drawn out usually by threatening his companion(s)

Next 15 minutes: The Doctor wraps everything up with some Deus Ex Machina that usually amounts to "I'm the MFing Doctor"

Final 15 minutes: long, drawn out sentimental reunion with the Companion(s).

I thought maybe it was just the show, but I've watched old ones and they move so much faster, perhaps because they were originally 30 minute episodes with a cliffhanger in each.


What do you think?

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