Sorry to post again so soon, but I just had to share this. I have such rotten luck.

Back story, my ex boyfriend dumped in particularly brutal fashion a coupe of months ago. It was awful, and I was humiliated and heartbroken. Said ex boyfriend lives in Sri Lanka. We met in the UK.

So I'm here in Melbourne now, and I joined Tinder, mostly for a laugh.

But there's a cute boy, we were chatting away, including my recent trip to Sri Lanka. We arrange to meet for drinks on Thursday, and exchange numbers.

He texts me, and it says "wait, did you date [douchebag ex with a massive reputation for being a player]?! We went to school together. IN SRI LANKA. The school in question tiny, and all the guys still talk to each other all the time/there's still lots of drama, and it's definitely going to get back to him.

I am mortified. MORTIFIED.