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I've fallen off the January Cure wagon

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Where is everyone else on this? I feel like I reached a roadblock when it came to reorganizing an area of the house, and then the setting up an outbox thing... I don't have enough stuff to really worry about organizing what I do have, because I throw things away pretty frequently. Also, I'm still severely lacking furniture since I'm procrastinating on going on the fella's anniversary present Ikea trip. Would be nice to have a coffee table again, and maybe a dining room table, and nightstand. Also, perhaps a couple of chairs.


Maybe I'll work on stuff once I actually have stuff?

Semi related informal poll: Living in a rental, I can't do anything much to the walls since I have to get written permission to paint. I'm considering either removable wallpaper for one of the walls, or faux tufted walls by upholstering foam posterboard and tiling them with Command strips. Interior design experts: input on either option?

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