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I’ve been home on staycation this week, and I’ll be off most of next week too. I’ve been doing... pretty much nothing. And it’s been great! Yesterday I made crepes with fresh fruit and a drizzle of hibiscus honey. I took my almost-niece to phantom of the opera last night, and got our seats upgraded to boxes, then I stayed up reading until 3am. I took the time to make a super lunch today:

I have mountains of laundry and dishes to do (which is why I’m eating off a snowflake plate) but I can’t be arsed to do it. Not when I can be sitting out in the sun amidst my jungle of plants working on my bird calls! Maybe tomorrow? I discovered mixing 2 buck Chuck with pineapple juice makes a really tasty wine cooler, so no promises.


How do you staycation, GT? Maybe hearing your inspirational tales of yard work and high dusting will motivate me to do more than work on my tan and read bad fanfic.

But you know, probably not. Cheers!

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