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I had been freelance production-assisting for closing in on two years now and I was getting really really tired of getting people coffee and lunch. Last week a woman called from a production company that I've done freelance work for to ask me if I wanted to try out a staff position!

I of course asked her just what the heck I'd be doing and it's mostly keeping the production schedule up-to-date, setting conference calls and handling travel plans for the muckity mucks.


I got two full days of training with the gal who was leaving (which was actually quite a pleasant experience) and I've had a few days on my own. It's a little bit stressful since even though I've got a whole list of things to do, in production there are always a million exceptions so I've had to ask a bunch of questions. Thankfully, the people I'm working with are super nice and happy to help.

But yes, I'm super duper excited to be on staff instead of looking for work! I can get my own place now without fear of not being able to make rent! Huzzah for being able to move out!

So yea, I'm super jazzed. But kinda sad because I can't participate here as much, but I'll still hold Sherlock Viewing Parties on Sundays!

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