Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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I've got a new computer... Almost

So my laptop died last semester and a friend fixed as much as he could figure out what was wrong. But it died again about a month and a half later, i decided that instead of putting money into fixing it, which would mean parts, time, new software bc it was running on vista and I've run out of Microsoft Office downloads, I was going to wait save some money up and buy a new computer some time this year.
Well another friend has taken pity on me and given me one of the extra desktop computers at their house. All it needed was a monitor. Well I was able to hook up my tv and use it as a monitor, I started it up this aftenoon it got windows xp and internet explorer 6. I spent an hour trying to download a current browser. Chrome kept telling me it doesnt support my version of windows even on the click to download page it says it does. Grr, so close and yet nothing.


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