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I know I keep talking about my friend/coworker who recently was diagnosed with a brain tumor. It’s been pretty much the main thing in our lives as we adjust to not having him around and also try to take care of him (he does not live near his family). The status for now is that his whole tumor was removed via surgery right before Xmas (yay!) but they tested it and it is whatever the most aggressive/scariest kind of tumor is. So he is going to be undergoing radiation. He is keeping a very positive attitude. There was some fear he was going to lose some functionality in his dominant hand after surgery but that didn’t happen, which is awesome, because he is an artist (a lot of people in my company are also artists so I think that the threat of this robbing art from him really struck us).

Anyway, I have the warm and fuzzies for two reasons:

1. I organized for everyone to hand me a few bucks and I’d buy him a gift certificate to DickBlick.com to get art supplies, and people ended up throwing in so much money that I just purchased a $500 gift certificate because that is the LIMIT that DickBlick will offer for a gift certificate. However, because everyone was so generous, I had more! I spent the rest, $250, on an Amazon gift card.


2. Our bosses made an announcement that they are going to keep paying him his full salary indefinitely (!), and if he ends up quitting they are going to make sure he stays on health insurance (whether that be now or far into the future when he still needs to be getting checkups and whatnot).

I think maybe they shouldn’t have been discussing that HR-ish stuff with us but the conversation happened when they were trying to ease our anxiety about him paying the rent and all that.

So that is nice. When he got the gift certificates in his email he called me and was tearful and very excited he could buy some new toys while he is laid up.

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