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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I've got an idea.

I don't understand health insurance. How it works, what you need, what you have to pay for etc.

However I have had an idea.

Health insurance that provides for the things women may require that can sometimes be hard to obtain, legislated against or just plain old refused.


Essentially a health insurance option for individuals that provides, abortions, contraceptives, screenings for the lady parts, foetal support, pregnancy care, cervical sweeps, STD screenings and support.

All this would be in the general package not an extra special top tier payment. Part of the payments would go towards funding healthcare for underprivileged people.


It would eventually grow into clinics, centres, maternity centres, adoption support (for free, life shouldn't be for sale at any point of service)

I would like to point out that I don't believe in paying for healthcare, but as the US system isn't going anywhere in the mean time women are suffering.


What do you think? Who wants to help me formulate this into a real plan, join the thought process. Join my imaginary board. Or does it already exist/ it's really an impossible pipe dream or I need to be a billionaire.

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