Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

(This post is not about Flight of the Conchords, but how awesome are they?)

About a year ago, I had a falling out with my former best friend. She did something REALLY shitty to me. The thing she did, while shitty, would have been forgivable eventually, but the way she went about doing it was even shittier, and that effectively ended our friendship. This sucked for several reasons. First, I had just lost my other best friend, also because she was friendship-endingly terrible to me, and I'd never really had a friendship end like that before and it was pretty devastating. Second, I was starting grad school that fall, and very stressed out about it, and most of my close friends had graduated and left the city we lived in, so she would have been one of my very few close friends in the city, had she not burned our friendship to the ground.


Anyways, I've had a lot of feelings about this and it really really sucks, but something that came up recently is realizing that my friendship with former best friend ending led to almost all of my friendships with our mutual friends ending. I've made an effort to see them throughout the last year, inviting them to all the parties I've hosted, contacting them to hang out. And they've basically done nothing to hang out with me. They haven't invited me to their stuff, they rarely come to mine, and they never contact me without me contacting them first. Meanwhile, I know (through Facebook, which is the worst) that they're regularly hanging out with former best friend. And it just sucks. I've lost an entire friend circle because one person decided to be a really shitty friend towards me. And it all feels so middle school and stupid, and it just makes me think "what's wrong with me that nobody chose me?"

Anyways, that's my rant about hurt feelings. Do you guys have any hurt feelings you want to share?

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