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The big cohab adjustment

I've had a TON of changes in my life lately - new job, new niece, and my fiance (I don't know how to do the accent on these gd Windows computers, get off my lawn) moved several states to be with me about a month and a half ago. They're great changes! I have loved him for a long time and we're getting married and yay, but we're basically married now because we share a house and the only things that will change on a practical level are my last name and the amount of nice kitchen crap we'll have.

So it's been unromantic in ways. I got sick for a whole week and he works at home and was stuck with a whiny feverish ginger-ale drinking machine. He doesn't know but one person here independently of me and has only gone out by himself once. I definitely need to be leaving the house more, pitching in with chores better (am slob), calming down on my online shopping and generally growing up, but I have concerns about him as well, and our interaction in general. We have never been big fighters but more so avoiders who have an occasional, truncated talk he tries to weasel out of as fast as possible.


I was thinking I'd ask if he wants to go to a typically uncrowded bar patio this eve so we can talk outside the house about specific concerns I have as well as some goals for myself I want to share with him. Does this sound like a dece idea?

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