I feel like I always have to repeat myself, but here goes.

When we are talking about any sort of minority, we have to pay attention to the terms they like and the ones they consider problematic or outdated. I can practically feel everyone nodding along with that. Or at least I'd think so.

But then you get the Gawker headline about the person in a wheelchair who was told the concert was at at a halt until he stood up and danced. (Kanye is a fuckface.) See what I did there? Person in a wheelchair. Person. In the chair. Are you bound to your chair right now as you're reading this? Likely not. But it sure makes your life easier to have a place to sit. Well my chair makes it easier to live. Last time I checked I didn't feel like a "wheelchair bound" lady. Um, I can get out of this fucking thing. I don't have chains around me. Stop making everything about disability sound tortured, sad and awful.

Why can't the media listen to our stories and opinions without projecting how they really feel about our lives? All this language affects the way we get treated.

If I am bound to my chair, I cannot leave it. So my life must be hard. Pitiful. These poor people, stuck like that. They live their lives in such hardship, forever "breaking barriers".

What if I told you the only barriers I break are the ones you've created?