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I need to vent this out, so please go ahead and use this post to do the same for things you need to vent about. I am probably going to try and sleep. Also this is very stream of consciousness and you don’t have to read it, or comment. I just need to write it.

These last few weeks, I have been doing two other people’s jobs on top of my own, because somehow they took holiday at the same time. No one else does our job. We are in support roles, and therefore these need to be covered, there’s no leaving things until you return. I expected to be covering one of these roles. They told me weeks in advance, gave me everything I needed. Perfect. Have covered it before and while it makes me very busy, that’s ok.

I was told I was covering the other one after the person had already disappeared on leave. They work for the most difficult, rude, condescending person. Who is of course, The Big Man. I am generally pretty good about smiling and nodding and not being that bothered about work people being unreasonable and assuming you will psychically know what they want or that they told you things which they absolutely did not. It’s fine, I will just go do the thing that they tried to tell me only in their head and we move on. What I cannot deal with is people who essentially tell me off for every single thing I do for them to the exact letter of my received instructions because actually that’s not what they wanted at all and I should know that because... Sorry why should I know I’m being lied to exactly? And I will say absolutely, I will do that for you straight away, but they continue telling me how wrong it is for another 5 minutes. Like dude, I could have redone it by now. Over and over every day. I am ready to snap. And I know it’s not me, I just had my review and my company was super happy with me, and he is just like this. But honestly, fuck this. There was a point last week where I really thought I was going to lose it, and it’s only because my nice coworker gave me a hand that I pulled my shit together.


And then today, after another crappy day dealing with him I was on my way home and a man I do not know came straight at me in the street and went as if he was going to hit me. He did not hit me, nor did he have any intention to. He stopped his fist about a centimetre from my face. I guess he really wanted to terrify a woman he doesn’t even know, because women right? Right. Starting to wonder why I even leave the house.

I need a break, before I break maybe.

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