Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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I've had enough customer service today.

I would like to be done now. I just.... can't. I just want to scream at everyone "I am not in charge of your life". For once the guests are being pleasant it's just everyone else. I shouldn't be yelled at over the fact that hotel parking is for guests only, or that we're sold out but I don't know all the other hotel phone numbers by heart. Oh and my personal favorite, the guy who parked in front of our property, in the street, who threatened me about how he better not see a ticket on his windshield after dinner to which I said "You'll have to talk to the city of San Diego about that" and he said "It's coming out of your pocket (my name)", and stormed off not before throwing a pen at me. UGH.



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