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I've had it. I'm done. Finito. No más.

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These last few weeks have been killer. I'm going to rant because I feel better if I get it all out. I also need advice about, um...boob wrinkles.


I'm pissed at just about everyone at work. Body shops are pissing me off and fighting with me on a near daily basis. My boss is an incompetent, sexist, useless piece of shit. The workload has already been insane the last few weeks, and then I found out that he approved two other employees to take the next two weeks off at the same time. We have 4 employees on the island (in my job title), and the other one who will be here is kind of new, so it takes her forever to do half the work of everyone else. So my workload effectively tripled for the next two weeks.

My classmates for my final class are all idiots. I have to interact with them to get participation credit.


My landlord is irritating the shit out of me.

It's been soooo hot! I'm outside all day, and the A/C just went out in my company car...see above, no time to get it to the shop right now. And I just found out from HR I am not allowed to accept drinks (like water or a soda) from customers or shops, so I'm going to be spending all kinds of money on bottled water so I don't die.


Also, and this freaks me out the most, when I went to the beach last Saturday with a new friend (yay! I made a friend finally!) I forgot to put sunscreen on my décolletage, and while I don't burn, I got reeeeally tan and then I FUCKING FOUND WRINKLES BETWEEN MY BOOBS! I'm 28! I don't need boob wrinkles! I'm so good about remembering sunscreen every day, how come if I mess up once I am cursed with boob wrinkles?!!!?! They're already too far apart, so I don't get sexy cleavage, and now the gap between them is all wrinkled! I've been putting Vitamin E on them daily, but it's not helping. I'm so sad and upset about this, you guys.

So I had a nice date with a guy last night, but he's 22 AND NOW I HAVE BOOB WRINKLES. I already felt a little old because I mentioned a movie and he said he was in elementary school when it came out. I'm trying to be young and hip because he's fiiiiiiiine and I want some of that. He also seems very smart and nice. He thinks I'm hilarious, and his sense of humor meshes well with mine. All I could think about last night during the date was that I am almost 30, and this dude is younger than my little sister. But we both seem to want the same thing (FWB or a fun casual dating buddy). So I don't know.


Boob wrinkles.


So yeah, thanks for reading my rant. Any advice about boob wrinkles/not killing your coworkers or boss/dating a younger guy would be much appreciated. Or just silly pictures. Those are appreciated too.

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