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I started a new job this week. And my co-workers are crazy-people.

The job I started this week is this one. They ended up calling me back a few days after the said they would and offered me the job, for a slightly longer contract and a lot more money than I anticipated. I accepted, despite having a few reservations.

It’s my second day (Monday was a holiday) and already I am wondering if the next year of my life is going to be a very stressful one.


The workplace is basically a vortex of chaos and they’re expecting me to solve all their problems. I’ve been given almost no actual orientation (it’s a maternity leave and the woman I’m replacing has been gone since May) and have just basically been thrown into the deep end and expected to swim. Which I can handle (I’ve done it before), but these people are nuts. The one woman I’ve been working with most closely so far doesn’t seem to want to give me any actual useful information or context, but instead endlessly bitches about everything and goes off on tangents and completely overwhelms me with irrelevant information. I don’t even a sense of my full job description or the scope of the position yet.

Everything these people do is a million times more complicated than it needs to be, no one seems able to focus on the topic or task at hand, everyone is working in silos and not communicating with one another, and management seems to keep making bad decisions and not listening to people who can actually offer expert guidance. It’s...not good.

The good news is the contract is only a year, and the pay is bonkers. But so far, it’s been kind of a clusterfuck and I’m not even done my first week.

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