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I've meaning to post this a while, but I've never built up the nerve

TW: Body Issues

So lately I've been feeling really gross. I've gained some weight back and it's been really hitting me hard. I want to clarify that I have major depression and anxiety so that makes it a lot worse. Clothes already fit me weird most of the time. I have pretty exaggerated hourglass figure (this is not a humblebrag) and pretty large breast. Ialso have a long torso so things tend to fit too big in the waist or too small in the bust and hips or too short for my torso and not having clothes look good is such a low blow to self esteem. Also, I often feel like my breasts are obscene. They fit weird in things and they're just really noticeable and it just makes me feel like I stand out and it makes me feel worse. Like none of my clothes fit me right, but I can't afford new ones as I can barely afford anything else. I don't want any tips on how to lose weight or anything.I know what I need to do for that, but I will never be super skinny. I'm a 14/16 right now. It's not the number that's the issue. It's things not fitting that makes me feel bad.


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