Official date for Sherlock Viewing Party is Sunday, November 10. Mark your calendars!

Start time is a bit more flexible. I'm thinking 6pm PST would be good for most of us but please let me know if you'd like earlier or later.

I dug around and found a chat service called ChatStep that'll let us put pictures/gifs in the chat room. You just drag and drop them into the chat window. I've been playing with it for a few minutes and it seems that around 600kb is the size limit for photos/gifs. But GIFS IN CHAT ROOM! YAY!

If anyone else wants to familiarize themselves with it (aka GIF PARTY) before the official Sherlock Viewing Party begins, I've got a chat called Sherlock going right now. I'll keep it up for another 2 hours or so.


And as always, post your questions/comments/feels below!