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I've missed you, GT

Hey everyone, I'm back after a self-imposed break. I probably will be less present than I once was for a bit, but I've missed having feminist conversations with people. Even though we don't always agree with each other, I didn't realize how much was assumed (rape is bad, women are equal with men, etc.). It's become harder to deal with the sexism/discrimination without having an outlet where people understand when I say, "This was sexist."

To catch you up in my life, the good things are: I got married (WOOHOO!), got to have a wonderful post-wedding dinner at Little Serow in DC with Manstrophy, and got to stay in a lovely hotel. The garden I have in my mother-in-law's backyard is in full, amazing bloom. (This picture is of about 2/3 of it)


I'm growing (HUGE LIST INCOMING): great white tomatoes, mr. stripey tomatoes, black krim tomatoes, champion radishes, bell peppers, red kuri squash (for the fall), pattypan squash, watermelon, tom thumb lettuce, dill, chives, tri-color sage, common sage, berggarten sage, german thyme, golden/lemon thyme, purple basil, bee balm, italian oregano, hot and spicy oregano, pineapple sage, thai basil, sweet mint, spearmint, lemon balm, lemon verbena, eucalyptus, parsley, cucumbers, rosemary, and an assortment of flowers. I probably forgot some, but whatever..that's most of it!

We found an apartment in Connecticut (I got into a grad school there), and we're moving at the end of the summer. Manstrophy is looking for a job, so fingers crossed! It will be really good for me, especially mentally, to get out of the DMV area and move somewhere new. I haven't really spoken to my parents since the fallout from The Wedding being cancelled (I keep repeating to myself so many of you guys' encouragements with that), and it's been good for me! The cats are good as well and continue to be extra cuddly...


(Watson sleeps like a weirdo.)

In bad news, I got diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. I'm undergoing experimental surgery for it (first round was about 3 weeks ago), so I'm hoping it helps. It's not covered by insurance, and it's costing us $1200..money we don't have. As always, I'm super stressed about that stuff. Between moving costs, down payments, and the fact we have to live in CT for a month before I get paid anything from the university, I am really struggling with anxiety over it all. Thankfully, the generosity of GT for sending me some food a few months ago has really helped. I have saved the canned tomatoes and some of the cereal, so I'm hoping we won't have to buy too much food once we get there.


Anyways, how's life been? What's been going on? Catch me up!

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