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I've missed you, GT! I also need your advice...

Hi y'all! It's been a while. I've been lurking, but haven't had much time for commenting or writing lately. Things have been kind of rough at work with the sexism/racism, and I just need to vent and/or get your advice. What do you do when you're the only woman at work, so if anything gets reported, they know it's you?

Let me elaborate. I work in a body shop. I don't actually work for the body shop, but my job primarily has me at 1 body shop most days, and occasionally I drive around and visit other shops. I have one coworker who works solely at this body shop, and my supervisor is usually at the shop as well since they have an office for us and it's closer to his house than the actual company office. So most of the time, it's the three of us in a room off to the side from the body shop office, where 4 body shop employees work. Then there's the actual shop where they have a ton of techs.

My awful racist asshole coworker was recently promoted, and they replaced him with his roommate. :/ Roommate is very much a bro-dude. He lifts and eats a lot and likes to talk about how much he lifts and eats a lot. I've heard from many coworkers how he's very much a "ladies' man." He and my supervisor have previously been bonding over frat stories, their dislike of "girl cars" and things like that. He frequently says things to my supervisor like: "remind me to tell you about X." Then when my sup asks him about it, he replies "oh, it's not appropriate for mixed-gender company." or something like that. While I'm sitting right there. He frequently chats with the body shop employees about what sexy women they follow on IG, what muscles/tattoos women should/shouldn't havae, or they talk about it whenever a hot woman comes in to the shop (after she leaves of course).


Then today, one of the body shop employees (who is Puerto Rican but passes for white) just straight dropped the n word. One of the techs just got back from vacation with a tan and the office guy just straight said, "woah, you're looking like a n*****." The tech just laughed.

I was dumbstruck. What the fuck am I supposed to say to that?

Everyone at this shop, body shop employees and my company's employees are super chummy. If I make a complaint to HR or my supervisor or anyone, it's going to come back to me. Best outcome would be they transfer me to a field position, which would hinder my career as I would lose responsibility. Worst case, I get a mark on my back and then I have to worry about my job.

Based on their comments and they way they talk around me, I already feel like they think I'm an over-sensitive shrill feminazi. I feel like I already compromise a lot just to try and fit in.

What would you guys do? I really can't afford to lose my job, and while I'm looking at other employment options, I don't think I'll be able to make a change anytime soon.

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