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I've missed you GT - New Job!

I haven’t been around much lately cause I’ve been super busy transitioning to a new job. Lots of drama with that! Ultimately I’m happy about it, but there are some things that I feel like I’m not allowed to complain about and it’s driving me bonkers!

I left my old job because it got to the point where I hated everything. I felt underappreciated, underpaid, and overworked. I felt like my supervisor just “delegated” everything to me to do and then took the praise when it was finished. My company treated me pretty dirty on my way out, as well as afterwards in regards to final paychecks, so I left with even worse feelings about the place than before. I have tried to not bash the company to my friends who still work there because I just don’t think it’s cool.


So I started at my new job. The pay is fantastic. The work has been interesting for the most part. I’m getting to branch out into some new arenas that I didn’t have the opportunity to in my old company. All of that is great! But one thing isn’t: I hate my boss. He’s pretty good to me, don’t get me wrong. He acts like the sun shines out of my bottom. Anytime I turn anything in he shows it around the office like it’s the best thing he’s ever seen.

He’s just a huge misogynist. He’s a very vocal conservative. And he complains all the time about his job, the top guy at our company (he is basically the #2), and the people outside our company that he has to interact with. I really just don’t like the guy and I hate having to pretend like I’m interested in his ramblings. I can only imagine how it would go over if he knew that I was a feminist, an agnostic, and a liberal. Probably not too well.


Today, I’ve been here less than an hour, and he’s already hit on each of the reasons that I can’t stand him. He started the morning reading our equal employment opportunity information and complained about how political correctness is ruining the world and he should get to hire whomever he wants and so what if the “best people for the job” happen to be white, able-bodied, males? There’s no arguing with him either. He’s like a Fox News pundit who basically talks over you until you’re so sick of it that you just smile and nod so that the conversation will go away. I don’t agree, but there’s no way to disagree because he absolutely won’t stop.

Then after that he started complaining about our big boss a bit more. My boss basically thinks he’s the smartest person in the company and that he should be in charge. What he complained about was super petty, though and just makes me roll my eyes (internally, of course).


He finished the hour with a nice round of sexism! We work with the military a lot. There’s a certain amount of beaurocracy that you have to deal with when working with the government. He complained about how the day before a project is due, the government is changing a bunch of things on it. That’s not unique to this project. In fact, it’s pretty much expected on all projects. But what does he blame it on? The fact that the person in charge of the project on the military (Army) side is a woman. He’s complained about this woman before because when he met her she told him that she was specifically needing to get out of the office at a certain time to pick up her child. He told me that if she needed to deal with her children, she shouldn’t be in the Army. The greater likelihood is that she needed an excuse to make sure a meeting with him didn’t run too long, but whatever. He doesn’t feel that women with husbands have a place outside of the home. This makes sense based on his wife, a Korean woman who I’ve only seen from a distance when she came to pick him up for lunch one day. She drove up, got out of the car, gave him a hug, and then promptly went and sat in the passenger seat. Seriously? She can’t drive her own car when you’re there? I get it, it’s super subtle and probably not a big deal, but it’s an overall mentality that contributes to these kinds of actions. The stories he tells about what he “lets” her do and how he treats her are gross.

It’s draining dealing with the guy cause I really can’t stand him at all. It doesn’t make me dislike my job, and I LOVE the paycheck (about $700 more a month than my last job), and I like the guy in charge (the #1), and ultimately I like the company, so I don’t see myself leaving anytime soon. I just wish I could talk to my friends about it. I want to show them that I made the right decision, that I’m happy, and I feel like if I complain about how much of a blowhard he is, they’ll do the “I told you so” or “do you think you should have stayed at the old place?” No, I don’t think I should have stayed. Regardless of my opinion on him, I still like my job, and I still think it was the right move to leave the old place. Even if I disliked everything about this new place, I still think it’s the right move not to be at the old place.


So yeah, I’m telling you what I don’t feel comfortable telling my friends yet. My boss is an asshole, but everything else is great!



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