I live in the 3rd largest city in PA. I've never witnessed or been privy to this garbage. Until now. It's really disconcerting and what really disturbs me, is NO ONE said anything to the guy.

I stopped for lunch after physical therapy. I'm unshowered, sweaty and in not flattering clothes. Basically, I'm crazy unattractive today. I ran into WaWa for a sub, and while waiting for it, this guy standing in line starts telling me how cute I am today, and how my titties could use a good 'lickin'. Did I mention it was NOON, inside a very busy gas station? I almost started crying! I grabbed my lunch and ran out of the door.

But now that I've processed this, I'm wondering- what the fuck? There were no less than 30 people witnessing this situation, and not ONE PERSON so much as reacted to it. I'm a young looking 26, most times people think I'm about 18, so I think that makes this worse. They all just let this man harass me. I know the masses aren't to blame, but I really feel like they made it worse today. I also know this is all about 'power' for this guy, and I shouldn't let him win. But, today, he wins.