Ok guys help me out I need something to watch that will make me happy. I just finished Vikings and all the shirtless vikings and kickass Lagertha did the trick. Then last night I watched The Things We Do In The Shadows and laughed my ass off the whole way through. After watching two things I enjoyed so much I’m sad they are both over and now I don’t know what to watch!

I’ve been an anxious depressed mess the last month. Don’t worry I’m getting professional help and have lots of appointments next week. I’m also adjusting to new meds and I’ve been very sick and now I’m very weak so I’m kind of stuck in bed a lot. Right now I just want to take my mind off all the anxieties I have about next week and watch something but I feel like I’ve watched everything. I’ve watched more TV shows than movies. I’m in the mood for something funny... just plain fun or at least really engaging any suggestions??