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I've squandered my day :(

Things I had planned for today:

  • Pick up my package that I wasn’t expecting from the rental office. What could it be?
  • Go grocery shopping
  • Do laundry
  • Do a nice extra long yoga session
  • Do basic tidying and vacuuming and empty the clean dishwasher
  • Take out my recycling

Things I actually did:

  • Ate breakfast with a fork I pulled out of the clean dishwasher
  • Moved my savings into a higher yield savings account
  • Reallocated some percentages in my retirement/HSA funds
  • Reopened my Mint account because now instead of one bank account like I had 5 years ago, I have about 4 different accounts
  • Watched Andy Daly’s “Review”
  • Loafed around and tried to figure out a balance between air conditioner on all day/off because it’s gross and hot today

What is it about gross hot days that makes actually doing stuff (that isn’t just sitting on my butt and playing with numbers) feel like torture? Also, it’s the weekend, I shouldn’t be looking at numbers all day. If I wanted to look at numbers all day I could do that at work. Feh!

Anyone else feel like the day has been wasted?

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