I have a cousin who will turn just about everything I post on FB into a diatribe or dig against the current administration. He works a low paying job, has two kids (one who is autistic) and his dad has to give his (my cousin) wife $800 a month just so they can make ends meet.

This is the latest:

What does that even mean?

At least he didn't throw in "obumer" or "obamarosa" like he usually does.

I would just block him but I am his daughter's godmother. But I am the WORST godmother ever and I have wondering if I should just tell him that he should find someone else. Hell I've only seen her twice in her 7 years on this plant and she only lives 75 miles away.


Edited to add: I totally forgot to say that he is one of the BENGHAZI!!! truthers. I posted this after one of his diatribes and the responses descended into downright crazy.


And he thinks Trayvon Martin was a murderous thug and Zimmerman was doing the work of God (he didn't really say that) by killing him.