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So why not today? Regional classism is the closest thing I can think to call it...

Tracy Moore did a piece on losing your accent, and how hard it can be. She talked a bit about something near and dear to my heart: Southerners Sound Dumb. I hate this trope so much I can barely contain myself. So, here's my comment in that article:

I'm originally from Texas, with some other Southern states thrown into my early-childhood mix, then a move to Northern Virginia, CT, and NY after that, and have learned to be a good mimic as well. But, dissertation ahead.

But the root of it isn't "why do I care" - it's more about that sort of regionalism that treats Southerners (and Texans) as uneducated. I'm on a one-woman mission to end it. The "Oh, Texas" and "Florida bugs bunny gifs" aren't funny, they aren't clever, and they aren't accurate. Every article tagged "Texas" is simply confirmation bias used by those who'd like to think they are somehow superior to others based on something as superficial as an accent or place of birth or living.

It's, simply, something perpetuated in the name of a regional classism that is based on absolutely no fact at all. But I also think it's more insidious, at a gut level. I think it has to do with refusing to "check your own privilege." I have a hard time not coming into every story featuring non-Southern incidents of racism with a reminder that racism is everywhere, including in your own backyard, it's just convenient to act as if you couldn't possibly be perpetuating racism because you're from New York. Yes, you can. And you don't get to ignore it in your own family (do not tell me that NYers, Chicagoans or Nutmeggers aren't the most racist assholes on the face of the earth, because trust me, they are) just because of some perceived privilege at being non-Southern.


What say you, GT?

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