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Ivriniel and the terrible, horrible, very bad, no good day

Can't find my car keys. Go all around the house, and they are nowhere to be found.

Finally, take Mr. I's car and start driving into work.

Get caught in monster traffic for construction. Takes 30 minutes to travel a stretch of road that should take less than 5.


Get into work, work for the morning, and 4 minutes before lunch, the fire alarm goes off. Nothing like making a bunch of hungry 7 year olds stand quietly in a field, when no one knows what is going on. I'm pretty sure it wasn't a drill, because only an insane person would schedule one at that time of the day. Also the fire trucks turned up. But there does not seem to have been an actual fire. *shrug*

The parents of kids who are going home for lunch have started to turn up to get their kids, but despite the fact we are all just standing out in the field, we are not allowed to release them until we are given the all clear. (Why? I do not know. As long as we have confirmed they are out of the building, why can't they leave?) Fun.

Afternoon, behaviour kid is horrible, and at one point, I have to evacuate the class, when he's running around hitting kids and throwing things. No help forthcoming from the admin as they are apparently all in meetings again. Another teacher manages to talk behaviour kid into coming in to her room. When the VP finally turns up, he unhelpfully tells me to evacuate the class if the kid is hitting people, and leaves the kid in the other teacher's room.

Get home, find car keys. Good news! Bad news, I left them in the ignition overnight, and the battery is drained. Find my battery booster pack, but it does not seem to be working. Make plans for how we will get my car lined up with Mr. Ivriniel's car for boosting. This will involve pushing my car out on to the street, and down the road a little. Wheee.


Just before we go out to get started on that, there is a crash, and Mr. I has tripped and fallen on the stairs. He slid to the bottom on his face, one side of which is now badly skinned and his nose is bruised. He also broke his glasses in the fall (fortunately he has another pair). Other than looking like he got into a fight, he seems to be fine. Nothing appears to be broken, and I don't think he is concussed. But he's not exactly in the mood to push my car around now, and I don't think I can do it by myself.

Since then, things are looking up a bit. I think I've figured out what was wrong with the battery charger, and am about to give it another go. As long as I don't blow up the car.


Oh well. Tomorrow is fresh with no mistakes in it, right?

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